Learning from your Writing Hero.

For me there is always a time of review during the new year. When I look back at what I have done in the past year and assess how well everything went. I try to look over my journals and see what went well and what didn’t work at all. The dangerous and dark alleyway this can take me down is one of comparison to others and not just myself. When that happens I start to look at my peers in all the areas I work in. Seeing their successes and sometimes forgetting my own. This happens to me in writing all the time. 

In an effort to work with instead of against this I give myself compassion, and realize that the jealousy I feel is just showing me a message about something I would like in my life. Goals I would like to reach being shown to me by the universe. Awareness is great but if it is not followed by actions we don’t make any changes. So I wrote a hypnosis script I called “Learning from your writing hero” and recorded it to work with to learn and imprint better writing habits in my mind. Since creativity is where I would like to focus my work in intuitive hypnosis, it felt like a great first step. 

But I didn’t make it for just me. I put the recording up for sale on my websites. So check it out here if you are interested.

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Brainstorming and Bringing Things Down to Earth

Do you know that old saying “my eyes were too big for my stomach”? It means your perception of what you want to eat is too much food for you to be able to comfortably digest. I find this happens to me when it comes to projects and goals. I have been looking at September and thinking about all the things I think I will finish in the next month. As my head filled with the marvelous—and totally unrealistic—goals, I found myself getting anxious. 

There are so many projects I want to work on that can’t really be finished in a month. My head became clouded with anxiety over decisions on what to focus on. I reflected on how I can work on all these goals and not burn out. So I asked my intuitive mind: What should I do?

My answer was to write it out. I pulled out my journal and started a brainstorm or, as some people call it, a brain dump. A brainstorm or dump is a method to write out all your thoughts on a page in no particular order to clear your mind. In the center of the page I wrote “ridiculous things I think I can accomplish in September.” Then in random spots I wrote down everything I thought about working on. Everything from finishing a book I am working on, to loosing ten pounds, coming up with a year’s worth of classes for next year, reviving an old podcast, upping my earnings with more promotion, and creating new programs for my hypnosis clients.

When the flow of ridiculous things I thought I could do stopped, I took a breath, took a break, got some tea, and came back to my brainstorm. I looked at all the things on it and started crossing out projects that didn’t ring true for me. Then I took out a different color pen and wrote next to the remaining projects what the next smallest steps were in each project. I made sure these were humble things I could actually do in the next month. For example, I set a weekly goal of three writing sessions for my book instead of trying to write everyday. Turned down my weight reduction goal from 10 pounds to 3 pounds. Suddenly I was not anxious but excited to work to achieve these smaller goals. 

When I was done I had the inspiration to share this with you because I may not be the only one who gets overwhelmed and anxious when it comes to planning and goals. Maybe this is something that can help you get back on track. If you’re interested in working with me in more depth about this kind of planning and other ways to relieve anxiety, you can always book a session with me to talk about it.

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Independence Isolation

Does something stop you from asking for help or what you need? Today I was thinking about why was it I was reluctant to send out my two monthly emails. I had reluctance to do the promotion needed to gain clients and run my business. The answer that came to mind was I didn’t want to “bother” people. I find the flurry of emails that I just delete from stores and other mailing lists too much sometimes and I don’t want to be “that guy”. The sad part is that not only does my business suffer but my clients can’t get the help they need because I don’t want to “bother them”.

As I thought about this little revelation, it came to me that others probably feel the same way. I have always had a fiercely independent do-it-yourself vibe, that I assume was imprinted from my family or is just a byproduct of my curiosity about how things are done. The character trait of independence can be so isolating and exhausting. I usually only ask for help when I can’t figure out how to do something on my own or physically can’t do it on my own. I get embarrassed at my weakness or inability to be successful on my own. I feel like I am bothering the people who could help me in completing a task. Maybe it is because I have the false belief that they are too busy to help me, that they are unwilling to help, or that their help comes at a cost I can’t afford right now. 

My solution to this thinking is to not just make an affirmation of the reverse idea, but to think about it in group terms to compassionately defuse harsh judgments  and slowly bring it back to treating myself as I would others. I created this declaration affirmation to repeat when I started to put too much emphasis on how I needed to do it all myself. 

Everyone has a right to co-exist and take up space. 

We all need help from time to time.

All people help each other and have to take time to do so.

Everyone can benefit from helping exchanges. 

We are not alone in dealing with suffering, for everyone deals with it. 

As I support others in compassion, may I also hold myself.

For I am part of everyone. 

I hope, like me, you receive solace from saying these words and that they improve your ability to offer help, and receive it.

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Can a Past Life Regression be Practical?

Most of the people who come to me for a past life regression are spiritual people or seekers who want to explore the mysteries of past lives, but they sometimes overlook the practical applications of past life regression. I can see why people would think that something so seemingly mystical would not have any practical, day-to-day, or mundane uses. The truth is that we can work on many of our current issues by seeking out our past life experiences and relating them to our present day lives.

Imagine all the wisdom that can be gained from living multiple lifetimes that we can tap into through regression. You have lived, loved, failed, overcome traumas, and a multitude of other experiences in these past lives that could enrich your understanding of your current life.  Even if you don’t believe in past lives there is great healing benefit in allowing your subconscious to present you with a story that gives you insight, answers to current issues, and healing from another point of view. Stories can give us insight by creating distance from the issue and working on the intangible programs and emotions through poetic metaphor. 

A friend of mine did a regression to find why they were blocked in their writing. They had started and thrown out multiple books and never seemed to get to publishing. They found through regression that they had worked as a reporter investigating a story about the mob. While researching the story got the unwanted attention of the mob and they were murdered as a result. Once they had experienced this reason that had become a pattern that no longer served in this life suddenly their block was gone. They went on to write and publish multiple books. 

A client wanted to know how to make their current relationship better. Through the regression process they experienced past life relationships that were unrequited loves, settling for “less” loves, and ones that went sour but there were still rewarding to experience. Through this process they found that they knew from comparison what they wanted to get from a relationship. How to foster greater communication with their partner by not following the same patterns from sour relationships. To value what they wanted out of life and find compromises that worked for them. 

Even I have used this process to gain insight when I felt the need to heal some work traumas. A life as a Roman solder gave me insight into why in this current life I have had issues with orders that are not explained to me, being condescended to, and why I thought I couldn’t be a writer for so long. With these understandings I could make the changes I wanted to see now. It freed up my creative work to start to flow again. 

Maybe there is an issue you are struggling with that could benefit from some insight and clarity from gaining another perspective from your past lives? Set up a free discovery session using the link below and we can talk about the benefits you are looking for. 

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Upgrade Your Habits

Today I was starting my work at my desk. Turning on the computer, I noticed my trackpad was not working. I went downstairs for new batteries for it and put them in. No lights or response from putting in the new batteries. I tried again with other batteries, just incase the first set didn’t work. I asked my more technical partner what to do and got the advice to go and have it replaced. It was super frustrating. 

I gathered up my stuff to go to the local computer store. I found that they didn’t make the model I was using anymore and now the new trackpads could be recharged without batteries. I asked some questions about if the cord would be in the box for me to charge it. Off I went to home. I quickly installed the new one on my desk and I was off and running, better then before. 

Now I don’t tell you this absolutely boring story for no reason. After all this was done I thought to myself how this broken trackpad was like a bad habit or limiting belief. Sometimes habits serve us well for a time and we feel like we get what we need from them. Like my old trackpad, times change and what serves us well at one time breaks down and doesn’t work any more. We need to replace it with a newer more functional model of habit or belief.

It takes a bit of effort to make the change to a new habit or belief that will serve us better in the long run. That is part of what I do in hypnosis. When you realize something is not working for you any more and you are ready to update to a better model, I am here for you. Sign up for a free consultation and we can talk about swapping out that old program for a better one.