Goals for hypnosis.

A Quest for Freedom

I get the amazing opportunity to help people through hypnosis every day. Recently, I have noticed a trend coming from my hypnosis clients. In a time when they feel boxed-in by the circumstances of life and the changes we are all dealing with, they are looking for ways they can regain their freedom. Those people coming to me are looking for ways to take back control over their lives from what is restricting them in some way.

The most prominent request lately has been for help to quit habits they can no longer support since life has changed, the most popular being quitting smoking. Most people are wearing masks to protect the others around them and they have noticed that because they smoke they feel like they can’t get adequate breath through their mask. This slows them down from doing the things they used to have energy for. They have realized they have been reducing their lung capacity by smoking and quitting is one way they can reclaim their freedom.

They want to have the energy to do things they enjoy again, to be around after the pandemic to be with their loved ones again. They want to enjoy the greater health and wealth that comes from being a non-smoker. I have had many clients who have felt this way and they have found great results from working toward their goals with me. If you are ready to experience that freedom, sign up for a free consultation where we will see if we are a good fit to work together to help you achieve your goals.

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Spiritual Dreaming

Dreams are a psychic experience that everyone has. They have always fascinated people from the ancient world to the modern. In this class we will explore the power of dreams, how to use them to solve problems, get inspiration, to have fun, and simple ways to interpret them. During this class we will be using hypnotic meditation to aid us to access the power of our dreams. This class will be online through zoom on April 9th from 7 to 9:30. The day before class you will be emailed log in information for the class. Use the button below to sign up for this class.

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A Treasured Classic on Dreaming

In doing all this research for my Awakening the Dream Seer Online Course I have read some great books about dream work and dream exploration. One of the first books I looked to is Creative dreaming; Plan And Control Your Dreams to Develop Creativity, Overcome Fears, Solve Problems, and Create a Better Self by Patricia Garfield. This book is a classic and is so fascinating. This 1985 work was rereleased in 1995 and the author addresses some discoveries about the Senoi dreamers and their methods in the new introduction. If you want to learn to get more out of your dreaming experience and become more confident, creative and peaceful in your waking life this is a great book to read. She has many other fascinating books about dreaming as well. If you like my recommendation please use the link in the image of the book above to buy this book, as I am an amazon affiliate. Thanks.