Learning from your Writing Hero.

For me there is always a time of review during the new year. When I look back at what I have done in the past year and assess how well everything went. I try to look over my journals and see what went well and what didn’t work at all. The dangerous and dark alleyway this can take me down is one of comparison to others and not just myself. When that happens I start to look at my peers in all the areas I work in. Seeing their successes and sometimes forgetting my own. This happens to me in writing all the time. 

In an effort to work with instead of against this I give myself compassion, and realize that the jealousy I feel is just showing me a message about something I would like in my life. Goals I would like to reach being shown to me by the universe. Awareness is great but if it is not followed by actions we don’t make any changes. So I wrote a hypnosis script I called “Learning from your writing hero” and recorded it to work with to learn and imprint better writing habits in my mind. Since creativity is where I would like to focus my work in intuitive hypnosis, it felt like a great first step. 

But I didn’t make it for just me. I put the recording up for sale on my websites. So check it out here if you are interested.