12-week Hypnosis Weight-loss Group

We have all had a tough emotional time over the past year. In response, you might have had some old patterns of emotional eating resurface. Maybe you have gotten down on yourself about how you have reacted in less than compassionate ways.

If you want to:

  • feel better about yourself
  • change your relationship with eating and food
  • reduce your weight without crazy dieting
  • find different ways to fill your emotional needs
  • and feel great while you lose weight, then this program is for you!

Benefits of this group: 

  • Social support of a group atmosphere through Zoom video conferencing.
  • A group session of hypnosis every week.
  • Hypnosis audio recordings for you to use on your own in between groups, on your own schedule. Just 20-30 minutes each day! Something you can do anywhere.
  • Extra guided self-compassion meditations, relaxation recordings, and exercises. 
  • Learn proven methods to stop a craving or to change an eating pattern. 
  • Change your eating habits in gentle way.
  • Feel better about your body at every step towards a new healthier you. 
  • Get at what is “eating you” so you stop emotional eating.
  • Online resources for you to work with, including recordings of any instruction in the group in case you miss a group or just want to refresh your memory. 
  • A great way to introduce yourself to the benefits of hypnosis.
  • Learn about mindfulness and intuitive eating. 

I am offering two easy payment options. $360 prepaid for the complete 12 weeks (save 15% off the subscription price!) or $35 per week subscription plan. The Group will meet on zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm EST starting January 5th and ending on March23rd. Enrollment will close the 4th. Zoom links will be emailed to Participants the day of the Group. All materials and extras will be through the online courses through this page.