Stephanie took the 12 Week Weight loss Group

I participated in Adam’s 12-week Weight Loss Hypnosis class. I was honestly a little skeptical about how hypnosis would help me lose weight, but I thought I’d give it a try. Adam really focused on the psychological aspect of losing weight – not the “usual” don’t eat this or that approach I’ve experienced in the past. In the classes we did talk about how/why certain foods and beverages are healthier than others, but it was more about learning about foods and weight loss, not just making a list of “bad foods.” 

I really felt like Adam was my cheerleader – he was so compassionate and understanding! When I was frustrated or wanted to give up, Adam reminded me that this class was a process, it wasn’t meant to be a “quick fix,” but a way to really change my thoughts about food and weight loss so I would continue to be successful in the future. The hypnosis recordings I listened to each day helped me to create time for myself and focus on building a better relationship with myself. 

Everything about this class was so wonderful and I will definitely keep listening to the hypnosis recordings after the class ends. I’ve already lost 12 pounds, so I’m confident that I have the tools to keep going on my own!

~Stephanie of Massachusetts~