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Becky relearned her heritage language.

I have been struggling my entire adult life with re-learning my heritage language. I have tried so many times without success. I thought about hypnosis but I didn’t want to go to just anyone. I trust Adam. I knew he wouldn’t make me quack like a duck every time I bought gas for my car. Seriously, I needed to feel safe. Adam helped me overcome obstacles to my chosen path. In the past, when I would get frustrated or feel defeated because language acquisition wasn’t coming quickly enough, I would just give up. Now, challenges excite me. I am finding new fortitude in myself I never knew existed. I am making strides in learning that have surpassed my dreams. I am not fluent yet, but I will be. This is opening doors to connecting with my culture. He has given me HOPE! Muchas gracias por ayudarme, Adam!