Hypnosis Group Sessions and Classes

Hypnosis Group sessions are a great way to learn about yourself, explore the power of your mind, move closer to your goals, and overcome challenges in a fun, affordable, and relaxing way. Through out the year I offer a variety of group sessions focused on different themes. There are many opportunities to have fun, learn and grow. These group offerings are a great place to introduce yourself to the benefits of Hypnosis. New clients who are waiting for their sessions can familiarize them selves with the process while they wait for their sessions package to begin. Group sessions can also help you decide if a session package is right for you. Every group session will have an introduction to hypnosis, lecture/discussion of the topic, and a group hypnosis session. Please feel free to suggest to or bring a friend.

Upcoming Hypnosis Group sessions:

Opening to self-love

In a world that is constantly trying to convince us that we are not enough, loving ourselves has become a radical act. When we love ourselves our lives become more enjoyable, healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. When we can love ourselves we are filled with gratitude and glow with an inner radiance. Our goals are easier to achieve because we are not wasting energy putting ourselves down. 

In this evening of self love we will talk about the factors that hold us back from self love and compassion. We will use powerful hypnotic techniques to program our subconscious and refuel our centers of self love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. 

This event is at Moth and Moon Studio on February 11th, 7pm to 9:30pm. The Group session is $30. Please contact Moth and Moon Studio to reserve your seat.

An Evening of Past Life Regression

We have been here multiple times because our souls are immortal. Each of these lives had experiences, patterns, karma, talents, and much more. In this class we will explore the idea of past lives and theories of how we transition through them. We will talk about how and why these past lives can affect our current lives and how awareness can improve our circumstances. We will end with a group past-life regression through a hypnotic meditation.

This event is at Moth and Moon Studio on March 24th, 7pm to 9:30pm. The Group session is $30. Please contact Moth and Moon Studio to reserve your seat.

Goal manifestation 

We all have dreams of what our life could be but unless we ground these visions with goal setting, planing and action we never seem to achieve them. In this class you will learn about how to set realistic goals that will breed success in your life. We will set some goals, employ planning, and utilize effective hypnotic techniques to get your full self working on manifesting your goals. With the power of this group experience you will be able to achieve whatever you can conceive. 

This event is at Moth and Moon Studio on April 21st, 7pm to 9:30pm. The Group session is $30. Please contactMoth and Moon Studio to reserve your seat.

Private Group events or Business Workshops.

Group hypnosis is an affordable, fun, and friendly way to learn about and experience hypnosis. You and your friends, family, and colleagues can access the power of hypnosis in comfort. Bring the power of hypnosis to your home, office or plan a private event for your group at moth and moon studio. I offer a variety of options and can tailor a group session for your needs.