Adam’s Six-Pack of Zoom Classes

Six Upcoming Online classes

In these disconnecting times dealing with the fall out of Covid-19 I am offering this online class series. These are all classes I have taught before, but not in an online format and would love to share with you. These classes will be done through Zoom, an online conferencing platform. I am offering two different ways to purchase tickets for these classes. The classes can be recorded upon request and an audio file shared with those who have purchased.

You can join these classes up to noon on the date that they are going to be taught.

Pendulum Magic: April 28th from 7pm to 9pm EST

The pendulum is ancient divination tool that can help us to gain clear answers about our lives. Using one is an easy skill to learn. In this class you will learn how to use the pendulum to dowse, gain information, converse with your guides, find lost objects, make health choices and how to use it to make changes. 

Spiritual Cleansing: May 12th from 7pm to 9pm EST

All around us are energies, spirits, attachments, and thought forms that can effect our well being, by spiritually cleansing we can clear away all that doesn’t serve. In this class we learn about some of the ways we can cleanse our selves, our homes and our sacred spaces. Spiritual cleansing will help you raise the vibration to gain clarity and the blessings of spirit.

Ancestral Altars: May 26th from 7pm to 9pm EST

Our departed loved ones are still around us and ready to aid their descendants. As once-living, the ancestors have a better grasp of what it is like to be a human and care about us. Their empathy for our lives makes them uniquely suited to help us. In this class you will learn about how to honor and communicate with your ancestors, ask them for help, and work magic with them.

Automatic and Spirit-inspired Writing: June 9th from 7pm to 9pm EST

Our beloved dead and our spirit guides can use our kinesthetic and other psychic abilities to transmit information from the other side using automatic or inspired writing. Learn some methods of relaxing and letting spirit write through you using automatic writing. Explore using your psychic senses to inspire answers from your guides and spirit helpers. Bring your journal or note book

Psychic Self-Defense: June 23rd from 7pm to 9pm EST

All around us are energies, spirits, attachments, and thought-forms that can affect our well-being. Using the methods taught in this class you can use some psychic hygiene, shielding, grounding, and magical techniques to protect yourself. We will even make contact with a protective guide to help you when the basic techniques are not enough. 

Animal Allies: July 7th from 7pm to 9pm EST

Cultures around the world have called on spirit animals to aid them. They guide us, guard us, and help us manifest our dreams. In this class you learn about how to work with them and form strong relationships with them. You will also be led on a journey to meet and work with your animal allies.